Who are you?

You’re what makes us tick.
Retailers. Suppliers. Logistic Service Providers. And bad-ass unicorns.
See what’s on offer for every member in your supply-chain community.


For Retailers

  • Communicate efficiently with all your trading partners through built-in communication tools
  • Save up to 80% of your time to collect, clean and visualise your data
  • Gain access to 60% more data, thanks to the contribution of your suppliers
  • Get better and real-time visibility of your data
  • Run experiments and simulations with your data and turn them into actionable projects

Logistic Service Providers

For Logistic Service Providers

  • Gain real-time visibility of your customers' outbounds
  • Get access to a common dashboard in support of your business reviews
  • Identify potential customers and convert them faster
  • Get real-time reporting on total time on site and waiting times
  • Set up horizontal collaborations faster and easier


For Suppliers

  • Gain real-time visibility in your customers' inbound flows
  • Have access to real-time performance reporting of your LSP
  • Share a common dashboard in support of your business reviews
  • Identify potential partners amongst other suppliers – they are just a mouse click away!
  • Convert those partnerships to save costs faster


For you, you Bad-ass Unicorn

  • Wow, you’re an actual bad-ass unicorn? I need a minute to take this in. I thought we were the only ones.
  • Even though you’re already on top of the retail supply chain game, there is plenty left to teach you, young grasshopper- erm, I mean unicorn.
  • So choose the human supply chain disguise you put on to fool the horses out there: Retailer, Supplier or Logistics…
  • …And join us on the magical platform.
In an industry full of horses, be a unicorn.
I'm a unicorn!