What we do

Unlock the potential of all your hidden supply chain data. In real time, no time and together.

One platform, One line of communication, One place to visualise and share all your data in real-time. That’s our promise.

We all use social tech in our private lives, but how about using it to run your supply chain as efficiently as possible? Here at Pro Alliance, we believe in the business value of social tech as a driver for change in your supply chain.

Bring your internal and external stakeholders together on our platform, so they can see, share and act on real-time information.

Here's what that means for you.

Reduce 1 000 stops per store per year
Time saving
Reduce reaction time to supply chain issues by 41%
Increase OTIF for all suppliers up to 10%
Increase shelf availability by 1%
Reduce time spent on communication with 20 - 25%

A Perfect Match

We integrate with any proprietary system.

Here's how we do what we do.

Phase 01 Exploration 4 Weeks

During this phase


  • Current processes
  • IT landscape
  • Data landscape
  • Stakeholders

Outcome of this phase

Detailed scope of the project has been defined. 

Phase 02 Experimentation 6-8 Weeks

During this phase

Pilot project with a selection of locations and suppliers

Visualising & analysing historical data

Generate willingness & trust between all stakeholders

Outcome of this phase

Projected gains have been quantified.

Phase 03 Extrapolation Forever

During this phase

Scale the project within your supply chain

Custom integrations and development

Outcome of this phase

Projected gains have been realised.


Easy. Rewarding. Intuitive.

Get things done easy-peasy lemon squeezy.
Reap the rewards in your sleep.
Keep it intuitively simple.

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