Supply Chain Collaboration Hub

Imagine all People and information in your supply chain in One Place. Regardless of the number of systems you are using and the number of companies involved. That's pretty epic, right?

The Online Collaboration Hub for Your Supply Chain

Where conversations happen, data is shared and decisions are made all in one place, right at your fingertips.

Supply Chain Collaboration Made Easy

With all people and information in your supply chain in one easily searchable place, collaborating online becomes as easy as collaborating in person, with the added bonus of full traceability


Collect information on 4 key challenges in your supply chain, all in one place

Unique Access and Authentication Framework

Share and discuss insights in real time across teams and companies, without worrying about who gets access to the data

Make Your Data Actionable

It’s a shared workspace where data is made actionable through intuitive visualization


Create your community and invite people from different teams and companies to join



Map all locations in your supply chain, including your trading partners


Collect Data

Together with different teams and different companies


Make Data Actionable

through intuitive visualizations and collaborative tools


Empower People

They can contribute by sharing insights, experiences, tips, ratings and ideas. 



You create a trail of everything that happens within your community

What This Means For You

Single Source of Truth
For all information and people in your supply chain, regardless of what operational or planning systems you have running
More data driven
Increase the depth of information people in your supply chain have access to in real time, and enable them to make better decisions faster
Digitize Workflows
Develop Plugins and Apps, or use the tools available on the platform, to collect more data and allow your people to spend less time on lower value tasks
React faster
Discover opportunities and squash issues in your supply chain faster, making your supply chain more agile than ever before

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