Insights are data driven services we set up within your supply chain, that help you gain a fresh perspective on key challenges. We use our expertise in supply chain, data visualisation and machine learning to take it to the next level. Services include Data Analysis, Process Analysis and Modelling.

Insights in Your Network

We look for the best ways to get you real time visibility on Orders and Shipments, we visualise your flows, delivery patterns and shipment size distribution, and we develop a model to identify potential improvements.

Insights in Your Inbound

We identify new opportunities to bundle loads, we analyse the usage of your resources and assets at the Back Door, check if your resource planning is aligned with patterns and peaks, and we quantify what savings can be gained.

Insights in Your Sales & Inventory

We look for the best ways to get you real time visibility on Sales and Inventory. We visualise the data, including categories, inventory turns and trends. We check if inventory levels are aligned with trends and peaks in sales. We look for potential to establish real time real time communication to update inventory records faster.

Insights in Your Demand Forecasting

We analyse your forecasting process and look for the potential to make it more collaborative and align the different teams in your supply chain better. We develop a custom model to increase your Forecasting Accuracy and decrease Out of Stocks, if you don't have one yet.

Insights in Your Supply Chain Performance

We analyse the key performance metrics for your supply chain. We check if all parties are aligned on the calculation of these metrics. We visualise these metrics based on your actual data, so they make sense to the different roles in your supply chain, and we give you relevant benchmarks.

Insights in Your Strategy

We help you set up a strategy-driven KPI dashboard with targets and benchmarks, that works on all 4 dimensions of the Supply Chain Triangle at the same time. The overall goal is to link supply chain, strategy and finance through financial metrics, empowering Supply Chain Executives on Board level.

Fresh Perspective

Gain a fresh perspective on some of the key challenges in your supply chain


Our Expertise

Leverage our knowledge in supply chain, data visualisation and machine learning to take it to the next level


Digital Toolbox

Turn Insights into new tools that take your project beyond that one-shot analysis

Not-Your-Average Capabilities

Supply Chain
We're driven by supply chains and its people, so we understand your business very well. We have several senior supply chain professionals in our team.
Data Visualisation
We combine a unique technical expertise with the empathetic capability to translate your data and processes into amazing designs that will change the way you consume and understand your data.
Data Dissemination
We designed Pro Alliance as a social network, connecting everyone in your supply chain to the right people and the right information, so people can make better and faster decisions.
Machine Learning
Our machine learning models are adept at predictive analytics. They identify hidden patterns in historical data and can correlate different data sets with each other. By empowering people in your community to give feedback, we train our models faster.

Streamliner App

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Inbound Score Cards

Not-Your-Average Inbound Performance Tracker
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