The missing link
06 Jun 2017

The Missing Link

by steven
on 06 June 2017
Collaboration - 2017

Making horizontal collaboration in your supply chain scalable

Today, if you google for the biggest trends in supply chain, you’ll find ‘horizontal collaboration’ to be one of them. But even though we have seen a few interesting pilot projects, they were never really scalable.

Driving new value through collaboration requires data, systems and people to come together. This is no small challenge since data and people are spread across many different places. They operate in silos, working within different systems that are incompatible.

Connecting people

The supply chain network can be considered as a social organism. The success of this organism depends upon its ability to enable or support collaboration among all participants and stakeholders.

According to a study of McKinsey, it is estimated that huge value can be unlocked in your supply chain through the use of social technologies. Two third of the value creation lies in improving the communication and collaboration within and across enterprises.

Connecting data

At the same time, all people in the extended network should have access to real-time, cross network and high quality data. The network should provide a single source of truth in real-time to its participants, enabling communities to achieve a 360 degree level of visibility.

Transforming data, coming from hundreds of different systems, into high quality cleaned and normalized data is a huge challenge. It requires cutting edge solutions in data cleansing, data normalization, data transport and data dissemination.

Existing tools such as Google Refine, Microsoft API’s and the Stanford-based Trifacta Wrangler tend to do only a very superficial level of cleansing. Whereas developing highly customized solutions for the supply chain domain will allow us to build in accurate contextual assumptions, boosting its performance. These assumptions will enable faster and cleaner results. After all it is much easier to guess that 450 meter is an infeasible number, if we are displaying the number of pallets in a single truck load.

The Pro Alliance platform

On the Pro Alliance platform it is very easy for a company to set up its own community and invite its trading partners.

 Within your community, you can connect people from different locations and companies in your supply chain to each other and have them collect all sorts of data together, whilst the pro alliance technology will clean and visualise it in real time.

 All members in the community will have access to more, better and real time information, gaining new insights in how to optimize their supply chain.

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