Power user
07 Jun 2017

Advanced data analytics is no longer just for power users

by steven
on 07 June 2017
Data Viz - 2017

More and more companies are opening up their data to a wider range of people, both within the company and at their trading partners. As a result, the call for faster, simpler, and mobile friendly dataviz tools is growing rapidly.

The Pro Alliance platform was built on three tiers that allow for all people in your supply chain to ask and answer their own questions at the speed of thought. Its interface is easy to understand, rewarding with a minimum of effort thanks to its technology taking up much of the work-load and thirdly intuitive, as in using the same recognizable technology you use in everyday life.

real time analytics
Data Viz - 2017
06 Jun 2017

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Social Tech - 2017
24 Nov 2017

The Social Network in Your Supply Chain

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