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Inbound Monitor

A real-time dashboard for all incoming shipments.
Real-time insights in your incoming shipments and a visual representation of all the relations in your inbound supply chain.


Generate opportunities to bundle loads.
Manage and streamline your fixed delivery schedules and generate more opportunities to bundle loads.

Slot Booking App

Plan your incoming shipments and resources at the back door.
Manage your supplier performance (OTIF) and have a clear view of the status of shipments, inbound capacity and resources at your locations.

Address Cleanser

Automatically cleanses and enriches addresses.
Cleanse more than 90% of all addresses automatically, enriching them with GPS coordinates.

Supplier Score Cards

Track your supplier performance in real time.
A shared view on supplier score cards enables you and your suppliers to improve
OTIF performance, while strengthening your relationship with them.

Inventory App

A real-time dashboard for inventory and sales across locations.
Sharing a common dashboard with your vendors allows you to collaborative forecaste beyond the use of historical data.

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